Thursday, November 7, 2013

every girls crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man

a side of dad I never saw. apparently in his youth he was quite the snappy dresser ... surprising given my memories of his wardrobe.  and how cute was our mom?
is that Marj ?

new photos added

mom toasting with Sue and Sally somewhere in Europe.

looks like Ft Lewis Washington to me

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

from the Dodge County newspaper

Hall Men

top to bottom left to right
Lewis Franklin Hall, Harold Melvin Hall, Robert Leroy Hall, Steven Lee Hall, Scott Robert Hall, Jason Robert Hall, Josiah Robert Hall, Asher Barrett Hall

The Chernys

special thanks to cousin Mark for editing this photo

Family Photos Link

as of now there are 3 sub-folders within the photo folder Hall Family (photos of Dad and his family before he married mom) Cherny Family (same deal here, Cherny photos pre wedding) and Bob and Jo Hall (that's where we come in).  criteria for inclusion is arbitrary. please, your input is neede and welcomed.
Family Photos

links to the three photo sub-folders added to the right sidebar > >>


Sandy and I had talked about the need for an online repository for family photos and genealogy information as well as a place we could perhaps share  some memories.
Well ... for the time being this is it.
I have started uploading the photos I have scanned up to the G Drive associated with this account and will share the link here. You will be able to view and download the images. Sandy has some documents that will be eventually added as well and those will also be viewable and downloadable. If you have stuff you would like to add I will provided you with the necessary info and offer all the help I can. Just let me know.
Probably not much happening for a while but will let you know as new content is added. Helpful suggestions/ideas are more than welcome.